You’ve Gone Crunchy

I’ve never really considered myself all that crunchy. I like to luxuriate in super hot long showers- I’ve actually forgotten I was warming the shower up and left it running. What a waste of water, right? I love my blackberry and other technology, and my occasional sense of outdoorsiness and adventure is more often brought to life with dinner and a big glass of wine on the deck rather than some grand hike. When in Massachusetts, I am in the habit of driving to Target at the drop of a hat and inevitably will come home with more useless plastic to indulge my son’s whims. I do love to get outside and have a hike, but life over the past few years has caught up with me: working all the time, Jax, traveling back and forth between Maine and Massachusetts. Invariably, the combination of being forcibly busy and, let’s face it, laziness, kept me from embracing many of the things I’m doing today. There was hardly any time to hear myself think- now something I’ve made time for.
The other day, sitting with Bella’s pediatrician, Karen. We chitchatted about life, cute shoes, decisions we all make, and my family. She is a high energy, fast talking NP who knows her stuff AND her patients- the kind of person who takes the time to remember us and our conversations whenever we’re there- almost family therapist mixed with Oprah: You can’t help but have a great fulfilling conversation with her. Our focus turned to Bella, of course, but she was remarking upon how content Bella is in her sling, wrapped snugly against my chest, and how much she loves the cloth diapers Bella was wearing that day: “seriously, you can’t find underwear that cool!”. And that’s when she said it. Karen smiled, looked me up and down and said “you’re different now, yah. With two. You’ve gone so crunchy!”
Whoa whoa whoa. Me? Crunchy? Because of the baby? And then it hit me. Yeah, I have. But the thing is, I may always have been. And you know what else? So what?! Call me Granola. I love the stuff and eat it almost everyday. It drives me crazy when people don’t recycle. I piss and moan that we don’t have as much space as we used to in our giant Yukon SUV (I do miss it), but I love that my little Subaru is so much better on gas. Recently I even talked about proposing a program to ‘green up’ some restaurants I know of. Maybe it just took Bella for me to really do things about it.
So here I am. Natural childbirth, baby wearing, attachment parenting (learning), granola eating, cloth diapering mama. And proud of it. While I think some things I have found passions in are actually what I believe should fall under the ‘Normal’ category, call it what you like. The best part is its all a learning process, even the crunchy parts.


2 thoughts on “You’ve Gone Crunchy

  1. Ok after my daughter I too went “CRUNCHY”. That lasted a few years I had a pair of Haflinger’s slip on “BERKS” if you will from Evan’s on the Common, but then I realized so not me.Kate come back don’t go..NO enjoy yourself, but just don’t forget the fun outside the box of “CRUNCH”. Miss you much and love every minute with the kids. TrayC

  2. I was the same way after having my first baby. I would be the LAST one to recycle and the thought of cloth diapers (prior to getting pregnant) made me laugh. Why on EARTH would ANYBODY choose to do THAT?!?!?! Something about having a child and realizing all that is going on in the world around us and the health implications changed me. I, too, woke up one day wondering when I got so “crunchy.” It’s not a bad thing…just a new way of thinking.

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